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Trash containers & services are provided by Allied Waste Services.  Website is and the Customer Service phone number is (210) 304-2700.  Trash collection takes place twice a week on Tuesday and  on Friday.  Recycling pickup takes place on Tuesday only.  Billing is quarterly.
  • Residents may put their carts out the evening before pickup and are required to retreive they carts from the street after pickup no later than the end of the day. After pickup carts must be concealed from view from the street at all times.
  • Allied is required to pick up your large blue cart plus 2 "other" cans when necessary. If you have a great deal of trash (20 bags of leaves) please remember to only put out on the curb what is allowable. It may take several "pick-up" before all your leaves are picked up.
  • If your cart is damaged or goes missing, call Allied at the number above and tell them what happened. You might need to mention that you are with the Stone Oak group and you have been assured that your cart will be repaired or replaced.
  • If Allied has made arrangement to repair your cart and you have been told to leave it by the curb, it is advisable that you put a sign on it saying "Our for repair." This was prevent you from receiving a violation letter from the management company for having your cart out on the wrong day.

Residents are Responsible for the Maintenance of Their Individual Mailboxes
Here is the information on the custom mailboxes that I received from the manufacture:
The following parts may be purchased at Home Depot:
1. Photo Light Control: Westek # 758FPCT = $10.78 ea. ( Comes with plate which you do not need... just use the cell)
2. Flag Kit : Gilbgalter # RFL10000 = $3.25 ea.
3. Bulbs : NVision 60 W  4 pack = $6.88 per pack
4. Plastic Knob : Liberty # 53587 = $0.97 ea.
Purchase direct from us:   ( We mail them to the homeowner with an Invoice enclosed )
1. Ceramic Light Socket = $9.50 ea. + tax + postage & handling
2. Set of Numbers ( 2 ) = $50.00 set + tax + postage & handling
3. Set of Numbers plus Back Panel (3 ) =$65.00 set + postage & handling
Let me know if you need any further information.
Henry Ledford
Texas Metal Fabricators, Inc.
718 E. Walnut St.
Garland, TX 75040
Phone: 972-494-2457
Fax: 972-494-2459
The above information was provided by the manufacture in Garland, Texas. Below is a person you can call locally. 
All repairs, paint, and replacements etc.:
Preston Price
(210) 473-1548


How to Gain Access to:
The Village in the Glen & The Village in the Hills

There are three ways to gain access to these 2 neighborhoods:
Purchase a gate clicker from either Spectrum Associated Management or from the HOA President.
  • Contact Spectrum Association Management @877-269-9092 and obtain a directory code. When your guests come to the call box they can enter your personal directory code. That will ring a phone number of your choice. (Either your home phone or cell phone) You will answer your phone, speak to the visitor if you like, and then press “9” and the gate will open.
  • Contact Spectrum Association Management @877-269-9092 and provide her with a personal family password of your choice.

Within 24 hours, Spectrum should have you set up in the call box system.
When your visitors arrive, they can enter #100 at the callbox and the operator will answer. If your visitor provides your name and when asked, provide your personal family password, the callbox operator will open the gate.
Please make every attempt to properly inform your guests on how to access our neighborhoods. This will keep our neighborhoods safer and facilitate smooth entry for your guests.
NOTE: The easiest way to contact the management company is online. You can sign in at and then click on the "live chat."