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A good way to famililize yourself with our CC&R's is to read our Big Springs Welcome letter. It will provide an overview of infomation that most new residents seek when they first move into our community.

Planning an Improvement?
Building a shed, installing a play structure, staining your fence or any other exterior changes to your home or lot?

As a homeowner, it is very common to want to make changes or additions to your home to enhance its look.  Keep in mind, if you plan on enhancing your home such as installing a shed, deck, play structure, pool, gutters, solar screens, or modifying your current landscape plan (or any exterior change or addition to your home or lot), you must fill out an Improvement Request Form and submit it to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).
For those homeowners who have already made exterior changes or additions without obtaining approval, we suggest and encourage you to complete and submit the necessary paperwork.  Completing the form and submitting it back to the Association will ensure that your improvement is not in violation of the Use Restrictions, which will help maintain your property values.

This is a fairly simple process and we hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity.  An improvement request form can be found at the  website.  If you would like to submit an online form simply click on the ACC Request button and follow the instructions on the website.  This form can be used for any future or existing improvements.  When submitting for approval of an existing improvement, please include a picture of the improvement with your submission. 
Big Springs Bylaws.pdf
Big Springs Parking Policy.pdf
Big Springs Fine Policy.pdf
Big Springs CCRs1A.pdf
Big Springs CCR's2A.pdf
Big Springs CCR's3A.pdf
Big Springs CCR's1B.pdf
Big Springs CCR's2B.pdf
Big Springs CCR's1C.pdf
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